The New Nissan Leaf - A Development in Electric Vehicle Technology

James Eland, contract hire manager for Vehicle Save Contract Hire and Leasing is excited about the improvement of their electric vehicle; Nissan Leaf.

James has said that, “Nissan's new car is hoping to compete with their competitors as the new Leaf has been developed to be able to travel 50% further for each charge of its electric battery”

“The new Nissan Leaf has a more modern design and includes an innovative use of the pedals, whereby the accelerator pedal also works to provide regenerative power for the battery by helping with the braking process.

The Leaf also has a new automated parking system called ProPilot Park, which manoeuvres the car to park even in awkward spaces.” Added Eland.

Nissan motor company have sold more than a quarter of a million Leaf cars since the marque launched seven years ago, which makes it the world's most popular electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, especially since the announcement of the government's plan to ban all diesel cars by 2040. Vehicle Save is expecting advancements in the development of electrical technology like this to become commonplace over the next few years.

You are able to lease the new Nissan Leaf from as little as, £394 per month from Vehicle Save, based upon an initial payment equivalent to 9 months rental and a lease period of 4 years.

James Eland, Contract Hire Manager of Vehicle Save Contract Hire & Leasing